Blue Spinner is priced / licensed via subscription on a per user basis per month, and as the quantity of users goes up, the price per user goes down. There are no annual maintenance fees to pay or contracts to get locked into. Specific price quotes are obtained by contacting us using the info in the About Us area.

Blue Spinner adds new features to the systems of current users without added fees. During just the past two years, over 100 new features have been added.

Blue Spinner implementation takes about two weeks - it too is quite easy. No time intensive consulting sessions, or the high fees that goes with them.

All we need is:
  •  the initial set of items that each drop-down list will contain
  •  the initial set of internal and / or external customers that may have tasks
  •  the initial list of authorized users that will read or open / close tasks
  •  the initial role each of these users will have
  •  the initial set of groups these users will belong to
  •  the initial project name
  •  the initial colors used for reminders & reporting
  •  the company logo

What you don't need:
  •  any new computer or software upgrades
  •  any servers to host our software
  •  any information technology people to setup or maintain the software