During our world debut at InteropŠ 2008 in Las Vegas, then echoed at the 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 conferences, there were many common reactions to our software:

"It is simply amazing what you have built into this application."

"The ability to make modifications to the application on the fly without any programming experience is uncanny."

"I'm familiar with your competition. The thing that makes them unattractive is the requirement that you need to buy all these modules to make them work effectively. I really like how you integrate it all together with nothing more to buy. Your lower price makes it even better."

"This goes beyond cool for an incident management or help desk solution."

"At first, I thought this was just another help desk application. But with further examination, it is so much more with the included Library, Time, Asset, Cost, Query & Report areas."

"Originally I was looking for a good & reasonably priced incident tracking application for only my I.T. department. But with this, I can implement it across the board."

"One of the biggest factors in buying a new product is the learning curve that goes with it. The fact that you can be using this product after only two hours of instruction is incredible. It is so intuitive, you just pick it up as you go."

"By making it a subscription service, it is a no-brainer to implement & support."

"With Blue Spinner, I can replace several of my disconnected free & purchased applications, and even better, all the right people in my company can see what everyone is & should be doing."

"Solid & easily managed security controls take away my fears of having the wrong people in my organization accessing info they should not see."

"Having our business info housed at a world class data center gives us peace of mind for both reliability & protection."

"With so much capability at such a low price, you leave so called "competitors" in the dust."

"Since there are no CapEx (capital expense) outlays, making a decision to buy this is quite easy. Even the OpEx (operating expense) is far lower than we expected."

"It's great that the software keeps getting new capabilities year after year & there are no extra charges to customers for any upgrades or maintenance."